La Région du Lot

Hôtel 3 étoiles à Gramat dans le lot, Restaurant Le centre

Gramat : the heart of the Lot.

The market town of Gramat is at the centre of the Causse du Quercy National Park. With a wide variety of landscapes and sites, from the rugged Alzou Valley to meandering rivers; Roman churches to prehistoric caves, the Lot region truly has something for everyone.
With many beautiful, leafy lanes to discover, picturesque villages and exciting tourist attractions, Gramat is the perfect centre from which to explore our unique area of France.

Animal Park
Rocher des Aigles (Bird Park)
Gouffre de Padirac (boat ride through spectacular lime-stone cave system)
Les grottes de Lacave (train ride through cave systems)
Moulin à Eau de Cougnaguet (medieval fortified water mill)
Grottes de Presque
Château d'Assier
Grands Sites de Midi Pyrénées


Suggested days out in and around Gramat.

The Causses du Quercy Natural Park.

Visit the limestone cave system at Padirac, or the prehistoric cave paintings at Peche Merle, then discover the tranquility of the churches in the spectacular village of Rocamadour. Take a bike ride or walk through the stone walled bridleways and paths typical of the area. Canoe along the rivers, or picnic next to gently babbling streams; search out the stone built follies and traditional Quercynois houses.

The area has been inhabited for many thousands of years, and each civilisation has left its mark, from troglodyte early dwellings in the natural cave systems, to medieval fortified villages.

The Lot has an abundance of beautiful architecture, stunning scenery and magical days out.

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